Welcome to O5 Farms.

O5 Farms is a family run and owned farm in Jefferson GA that specializes in growing blueberries produced without harmful pesticides or chemicals. We offer pick-your-own as well as pre-picked berries in June & July, a beautiful daisy field photo venue, a quiet rustic retreat where guests can get away from the city and enjoy a quiet farm getaway experience and other events throughout the year.

The present O5 Farm has been formed from a 6th generation division of the original James F. and Caroline Storey Estate.  My grandparents, Storey and Marian Porter, built the house in which Kasie and I, along with our children, reside in today.  The passion my grandfather had for cattle and hay production, coupled with the passion my grandmother had for gardening (vegetable, fruit, and flower), provides the legacy for our farm today.

Kasie and Jason established O5 Farms in the summer of 2015 when they became husband and wife. Together they have 3 children, Sage, Michael, & Johnson. The name O5 comes from the “O” in Oliver and “5” because with Jason, Kasie, and the kids, their family has 5 members.