Welcome to O5 Farms!

We’re glad you chose to visit us today. 

Blueberry picking procedures:

  1. Grab a clean bucket (½ gal-$8/1 gal-$16)
  2. Line bucket with provided bags.
  3.  Choose only the bluest berries.
  4. Fill bucket until level with top.
  5. Pull bag from bucket and tie up.
  6. Place buckets into the “used” bin.
  7. Have lots of fun, take lots of pics and make lots of memories!!

 Pay using:

  • Cash (drop in black lock box)
  • PayPal, Venmo, or Cash app (QR scan codes provided)

*We are #51 in the GA Farm Bureau Passport, so please grab a stamped passport or we will be happy to stamp if you already have one!

Pick-Your-Own Naturally Grown Blueberries

When: sun up to sun down, 7 days a week in June & July
Cost: $8 for ½ gallon of pick-your-own; $16/gal.
$1 if you want to keep the bucket
$12 for ½ gal. of pre-picked; $24/gal. (call ahead)

*We operate on the honor system-just drop your $ in the black lock box.
**We also have animals on our farm including an alpaca named Danny, cows, goats, mini pot belly pigs, a peacock named Pretty Bird, rabbits, chickens, roosters, guineas, geese, and donkeys.